Audio October Messier Tour … beta

Quick re-cap: I am an amateur astronomer (very amateur.) Although I read up on the various things to look at, it all pretty much goes out of my head when I’m up late at night with my scope. So I commenced creating podcasts to listen to. Each files is to be associated with a particular celestial body. However, this project would take forever, so I’ve switched to a “quick and dirty method.”

Here’s a sample, M13:

Over at SEDs I grabbed Tony Cecce’s Twelve Months Tour of the Messier Catalog. Using SEDs content, I pasted together a text file. I then used to create MP3’s. You can access them on their site and download them. It’s a bit rough, but feel free to out-do me. All’s I want is something to listen to!

Here’s my SpokenText area.

Here’s the iTune’s link: itpc://

I’ll pretty this up all later and maybe put the entire Messier catalog into one big zip

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