Project: Messier

I tried out my scope and the audio recording of the SED’s Messier info that I blogged about last week. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked listening the historical descriptions and thinking about folks looking at these things hundreds of years ago.

Many of the audio files are much longer than I thought, but it does keep one at the eye-piece longer (which is usually good.) I have to say that some of it is more than a bit tedious. However, there is enough there that I’ve decided to put them all up.

Because there is a ton of data, I’m keeping it simple on my end…some of the files are broken up so Spokentext can deal with it. And I really didn’t edit the content much. However, I’d never do this if I had to spend a lot of time on the first try. If this idea pans out, it would be worth spending more time.

We’ll put it all into an itunes friendly format and be good to go. For the moment it’s going up in my Spokentext area, later I’ll probably store it on my server…might take a couple o’ days to get it all up and sorted out.

Mark at has been super helpful.

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