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I am currently employed in the healthcare industry.

  1. Focused on healthcare community management.
  2. Enjoys exploring technology where “the rubber meets the road” -helping others live, work, and play.
  3. Lifelong interest in the flow of information in its various forms.
  4. Technical/Managerial experience in collaboration software, customer service management.
  5. Certificate in Medical Informatics, Certificate in Medical Terminology and Bodily Systems, MFA Studio Ceramics, BA Philosophy.
  6. A happy dad with a wonderful family.

Tailored resumes:

Collaboration Specialist – One Page.

Medical Informatics / Collaboration – Two Page.

Business Analyst / Application Program Manager – Two Page.

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2 Responses to For Hire

  1. Tom Astell says:

    Hi John,
    I read your 2008 Summer Reading List with interest, the Edgeware book looked fascinating (Amazon Look Inside).
    I would be interested to hear your latest thoughts on transforming healthcare.
    I work at a UK hospital which is thinking of using Lean Thinking.
    The UK government has entered into a partnership with the Virginia Mason Institute, Seattle, to coach 5 UK hospitals. Is Lean the right approach?
    Tom Astell
    Analyst Programmer
    Preston Hospital, Lancashire, UK

  2. John says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am not an expert in either by any means so my opinion would mean little. But looking at the literature, I can see how Agile can be seen as being able to deal with, or enable CAS. I am not sure if this is close enough to your thoughts on Lean, but you might take a look at the following:

    Highsmith posits that Agile may allow for the creation of situations where CAS emergent results may be in the direction of goals.(2) Further he goes as far as to say “Complex Adaptive Systems theory is one of the root threads of agile development. “(2) Meos and Jain map Agile practice to CAS principals and go into depth as to how it CAS provides an foundational paradigm to understand Agile in a software development sense.(2)

    I was not able to find as much about Lean and CAS. In a nice series of comments to a deleted article, Emmanuel points out that comparing Lean and CAS is a bit like apples and oranges, one is prescriptive and the other descriptive.(4) Appelo cautions one must be careful not to undervalue Lean’s social component. (3)

    Thanks for stopping by,


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