My passion concerns how people collaborate with each other. It drives my work and life. From fundamental questions about what is meaning, to how one might create three dimensional virtual environments to assist communication, I have been involved in this topic from many sides.

My focus is on healthcare, as it is an area rich in information, has wickedly hard problems, and is among the highest of callings.

Resume and professional details.

I can be reached at john@john-norris.net. I look forward to the conversation.

2 Responses to About

  1. cristina topor says:

    Do you have an email newsletter?

  2. John says:

    Sorry, I do not currently have a newsletter. Maybe I should!

    I do have an RSS Feed for this site, as well as a separate one for my resume. You can follow me on Twitter (@John_Norris & @Corvallis Health) if you are interested in my health care musings. I’m on LinkedIn and some other social media sites, (iTunes, Facebook, SlideShare, etc…) but this website carries the bulk of my work.

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