New life for Virtual World Support Groups?

Login2Life is a theatrical documentary about the real and in-world lives of several people. The teaser trailer includes scenes with Alice Krueger, a tireless proponent for virtual world’s being able to help people with real life health issues.

(Spoiler: 1st 2 seconds or so might not be safe for work)

As folks know, I do research and volunteer in this area. I hope the movie will draw people’s attention to the healthy opportunities these worlds offer, and, frankly, make the whole idea seem a little less weird to folks.

(I have not seen the movie myself, but have heard from someone who knows online healthcare and has seen it, that it is good.)

This Monday, the 12th, there will be press conference about the movie that one can attend in-world. It begins at 9 am SLT at the Sojourner Auditorium in Second Life.

Login2Life website.

SLHealthy is the website for those who are interested in more information on support groups in Second Life.


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  1. John says:

    I went to the press conference today and came away more assured that the movie will help take some of the stigma out of virtual worlds.

    During the meeting the question was put, rather straight forwardly, about wouldn’t people do better if they participated in real life more, smell the grass and flowers. The audience in Second Life did an OK job at replying. It is a question they get often and one that folks get fairly defensive about. It may be that this movie will be a better rejoinder than trying to convince one through words.

    The movie will be shown on German TV on Oct 17 and will probably be available on-line for a week or so afterwards. Undoubtedly there will be a showing or two in Second Life as well, which will be fun to go to.

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