300 Ideas for Healthcare Social Media “Tweets”

Since May of 2009, I have been posting almost daily tweets on how healthcare orgs might use social  media.  @John_Norris with the tag #hcsm

I finished up the first 100 tips  in late September 2009.

I did the second 100 tips in late February of 2010.

Below are the next 100 tweets.

The example I use is Twitter, but any microblogging and socially connected platform would do.  I put together some of my thoughts in a presentation, “Hyper-Local Social Media and Healthcare” or better known as “@mayoclinic has good info, why should I listen to you?

The next 100 or so-

New month.What should go on the calendar? Check UP? 5 fruits/vegs a day? 8 hours of sleep ? Weekend at beach? me…lose 5 lbs.

What’s your favorite salad ingredient? Today I’m going with garbanzo beans. /search?q=%23hcsm /search?q=%23SaladMix

CPR Change shows need for getting the word out. Feed and hashtag for local 1st responders and 1st aid groups to discuss.

Local tips for summer allergy folks? Room cleaning/decorating ideas? What’s blooming this week? (For US:


Hot weekends and yard work are common around here. If your folks are similar, tweet some hot temp tips:


Any local reports of whooping cough? Symptoms to watch for? Address current health events like the one in Cali.

Any local vacations to recommend- ones that may be particularly healthy? weekend jaunts and the like?

Join your friend’s parties. Have ur health org play a hand at the local bridge club by proxy.

Staff & non-age appropriate exercise? Middle age skateboarders, retiree unicyclists, mid-life yo-yo junkies? try the new!

Is you health org in Foresquare or Yelp? Why and why not /search?q=%23hcsm Thursday, July 15, 2010 9:38:20 PM via web

Be sure to publicize Twitter accessibility helpers such as http://www.accessibletwitter.com/.

Recommend local lectures, community college classes, on health and care topics. Maybe arrange a tweet up there.

Any tips Ur health pros can share about /search?q=%23mosquito bites? I, for one, would be interested. Local bugs & itches?

When temps are in the high 90’s fans are not enough, need a cool bath/shower or AC. This and more at


U hear a lot about how much water to drink these days. Don’t over prescribe. Check the facts. (e.g.


De-bunk local hot weather myths. Ask around to see what your clients think. (old, but informative:


Hot weather…check out the CDC guide and tweet local solutions. http://www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/

Any local analysis of the RWJ Obesity 2010 report? It’s been on main stream news


Today’s Topical post- Health insurance and preexisting conditions any thoughts from your health org?

I was going to recommend tweeting a medical knock-knock joke but after reading a few I’d have to say just don’t.

How easy is it for your twitter peeps to reach you by email/phone? Might it be different than the org’s general contact info?

Staff or follower’s summer reading lists? Wikipedia say Robin Cook has sold the most medical thrillers


Garage sale at the hospital? What kind of interesting stuff do you de-acquisition? Give your peeps 1st dibs.

Tweets Wikipedia updates your team has done.

Local lines waiting to buy new iphone, movie, next big thing? (e.g. /search?q=%23iPhone4LC) Tweet ’em camp tips & exercises.

Nice weather is getting us “weekend warriors” outside. Any healthy tips for those who are more sedentary the rest of the week?

If U asked Ur followers who Ur health org should hire, what might they say? Valet, extra admitting person, nurse, ER folk?

Outdoor concerts are springing up. Promote your local ones for the joy and fresh air. Tweet some give-aways.

World cup tweets. Competitive soccer burns 704 cals/hr (http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/Health/physicalactivity/pdf_files/Caloriesperhour.pdf) how

many laps is that around the clinic?

US- 4th of July soon In 2006 there were 1000 injuries due to sparklers. Tweet this and more http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/factsheets/fworks.htm

Separate Twitter feeds for short term conditions, common cold, flu, back strain, let those further down the path help newbies

Can’t get far on the internet without hearing that free WiFi is coming soon Starbucks…how about your place, do folks know??

Reditt community makes pictures for cancer patient http://www.reddit.com/comments/cdz22/my_wife_has_been_battling_cancer_for_3_years_and/

Might your community do the same?

Lou Reed on music “One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” What are your 3 chords?

Stinging Nettles, Poison Oak, Poison Ivy- Other local flora coming out that will do you in? Have ur health Pro’s tweet help.

Anything your health care org has made that may also help locals? Release thru a creative commons license and tell your peeps

How 2 make one’s commute if not shorter, healthier. Learn a language, exercises in the car. Ur health pros & local peeps ideas

Any topical tweets about the BP spill & local concerns? How much oil would sully the community pool? guidance on eating fish?

Not sure about U, but we are have more record rainfall. Any local angle to climate change and health? Malaria, ticks, fungus?

Ur Health Pros know life lessons first hand – 7 stages of grief, Advanced medical directives, Approaches to life… teach.

Community Pools opening for the summer? That’s ~300 – ~800 calories of low stress activity per hour! Let your people know!

/search?q=%23hcsm Monday, May 31, 2010 10:25:26 AM via web

Summer Kid Project. Measure their height on the last day at school. Have them guess how much they will grow by the first day.

Any games popular with the local kids? Report your staff’s scores for hula-hooping, b-ball free throws, yo-yo, jump rope…

Is a tweet worth sending on a postcard to those on the other side of the digital divide? May be there is a way to find out

Increase the fitness level of your community. ACSM gives you and your community leaders direction- http://www.americanfitnessindex.org/

Local tips to add exercise into each day. Maybe a far spot at a popular parking lot? Location of stairs at the town library?

Summer’s coming for the kiddos. How to make sure they have appropriate exercise everyday…check with local Rec dept.

Dieting for swim suit season? Have ur health experts weigh in on the latest fads and pragmatics

Some local farms are starting to produce. Have ur nutrition pros & local Ag extension service encourage proper home canning

Outdoor parties are starting up. Good time to remind folks about length of time food can sit out. Address local dishes.

Breathe deep, again, and once more. -This gentle reminder brought to you by the people at XX Health Org.

Q & A. Can ur health org answer peeps’ ? in 140 char? Submit on Mon, draw one, and answer on Fri.

Might those sex advertising twitter followers provide teachable moments for ur health org sexual health pros?

140 char of what a member of your staff would want on a deserted island. “Wireless Internet connectivity” is too long

Orthodontists, orthopedist celebrate your disbanding & uncastings with a tweet. No names, but a nice note to mark the occasion

Post a tweet once the month end balances are available for folks to call in and get. /search?q=%23hcsm Friday, May 07, 2010 10:55:08 PM via


Ur health org run quarterly billing? coverage changes due in Oct? Due Dates at odd times? Give ur peeps a countdown of tweets.

Pharmacy posts a tweet when all of their orders that came in the night before are done and ready to go.

Can your peeps be organized to do something, not on Ur org’s behalf, but as their own community? Food/donation/money drive?

Casual dress @ health org? Doc’s ties have staph & MRSA, can contact others & are rarely cleaned. via


Late tweet for the hard to sleep set, offer tips about the night sky (US= http://bit.ly/naBE0) &help for getting some shut-eye

Adoption occasionally hits the news, does your health org have something to add to the conversation, a local angle?

Point folks towards good places to exercise, via Yelp, four4rsquare, or other social media platforms

Tweet up ur staff/clinician/volunteer length of service

Tip243 Mother’s Day- Plan ur health org’s tweets. (Wed most popular day for births) More fun info at US Census


Ask kids at your org for their health advice to your peeps. Like kid’s art, you may find some gems.

HealthEd tweets; Number Needed to Treat: The number of people treated to prevent one additional bad outcome. Best number is 1.
College graduation coming soon, do a health related tweet as a commencement address.

DIY Summer Sports Gear. Ball Paddle, Hoops, Ping-Pong Table, Extreme Croquette – have Ur Facilties document and assist

Tweetup at the local Farmer’s Mrkt…bring your nutritionist and cook

Guess the disease game. Educate @ Engage. (Flu, target shaped welt, no itch, vacationed in DC, USA)

Flash mob a blood drive? If not enough places, the rest can lend moral support…not eating the cookies ‘tho.

Tweetups for fun, action, networking…how about for a focus group? What do your local health care customers want?

Road work awareness week in the States. Any local construction areas for folks to be careful? Drive and work safely.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…what are your most popular tweets? RT them youself, call them “classics”

Local Farmer’s Markets opening soon in your area? Check and tweet.

Does Ur local gov issue health status reports (http://www.co.benton.or.us/health/health_status/index.php)? Leverage this type of info &

bring to locals’ attention

Why was I playing balloon volley ball in the living room? Prez Phys Fitness:

http://www.presidentschallenge.org/login/register_individual.aspx Tweet up a local program!

Help educate w/ healthcare term of the day: End-ah-scope-ee, Numbers Needed to Treat, Rhinorhea, Denied Vs Rejected…

In your healthcare area, where can one turn for assistance besides 911 & the ER? Let Twitter get the word out to last minute folks.

Does your health org have a bird feeder?Who’s there?Anyone unusual?How much seed a week? Local wild life watchers interested #hcsm

Chocolate saves lives. New study- Small pieces of chocolate cut the risk of stroke by almost 50%. http://bit.ly/bIgt0r

Jelly Beans Vs Chocolate. 41g of Brach’s beans = 150 cals. 40g of Hershey’s kisses = 230 cals. (http://bit.ly/2nKzWf)

Any local lunch walking groups? Don’t box Ur health org into a schedule, how about a flash mob when the time is good?

STOP! Look at ur wrists; are they properly supported? OT, PT, & other health clinicians can tweet self inspections and tips.

Would you give your vendors a voice on your feed if they had something good to tweet? Can you?

Yay! Looks like folks are tweeting new healthcare bill stuff.. How might it effect me if I have to go to the doc’s tonight?

Test 2 Twitter feeds, one with press releases; the other chatting local healthcare topics. Which drives traffic to ur site?

Spring brings young animals out to play who do not know to be cautious- careful of baby birds, squirrels, skunks & children

Bird house near-by? Feathered friends are moving in.Ask birders.Tweet type and progress.Lots of comparisons w / health issues.

Spring cleaning tips frm housekeeping…aslo ur IT staff’s thoughts on dust bunnies in PC fans and keyboards in the dishwasher.

Tweets of your local health org’s history. How did it start? Whom has it served? What is it known for? Old pix? Locals care.

Not sure about where U are, but the local meteorologist says put on sunblock. So get the word out to Ur peeps when its time.

What says Spring to your health org? Daffodils in the parking lot? Crocus by the sidewalk? Wrist Injuries?

Tweet about local Consumer Supported Agriculture initiatives.Healthy food, local biz, great cause. Collecting seed money now.

Not sunny now, but perhaps soon. Have your dermatologist educate with pics of normal moles and melanoma #hcsm Wednesday,

St Patrick’s Day is coming up. Any cautions about green beer & pee? Maybe only @MassGeneral? http://bit.ly/aJ4XZb

Local walks near your health org. Anyone keep official times and records by age group? Tweet em up.

Spring Break has it’s own health hazardous and rewards…time to work up a local angle. CDC sez: http://bit.ly/aKRlRY

What’s the best tasting meal at your health org so that next time I’m in, I’ll know what to order! Report on an in-house survey

Looking for a community booster? Arrange for groups to raise the flag over your health org and tweet w/pics.

Does your health org administer employee wellness programs? Offerings to the general public? Tweet their tips

Planning for Spring Gardens? Ask your nutritionist and landscape crew for the best plants to eat and grow in your area.

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