100 More Healthcare Tweets

Since May of 2009, I have been posting almost daily tweets on how healthcare orgs might use social  media.  @John_Norris with the tag #hcsm

I finished up the first 100 tips  in late September 2009.

Below are the next 100 tweets.

The example I use is Twitter, but any microblogging and socially connected platform would do.  I put together some of my thoughts in a presentation, “Hyper-Local Social Media and Healthcare” or better known as “@mayoclinic has good info, why should I listen to you?

The next 100 or so-

I wonder if there is a way to use tweets, or social media, to share dedicated parking places amongst special patients?

What do you take when you are going into surgery? How about in an ambulance? Your own robe & pillow? Teddy Bear ?

Spring allergies? What’s coming up? How to mitigate? These folks can tell you what’s going on now: http://www.aaaai.org/nab/index.cfm?p=pollen

Any pre-Spring gardening tweets from your landscapers? Or how about getting a tetanus shot before sharpening the tools.

Find local hill that is ~ 2 miles (3k) long & 2800′ (850m) tall. Didier Défago skied it in 1 min 54 sec  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_skiing_at_the_2010_Winter_Olympics#Men.27s_events

Olympic Health. Perhaps the healthiest lesson is the good sportsmanship embodied in the Spirit of Curling. http://www.curlingschool.com/manual/spirit_of_curling.html

Olympic Health Tweet..try running a mile with a smile on your face, that’s what figure skaters are doing. http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/olympics/vancouver/figure_skating/news?slug=capres oly_fig_athleticism-163038725&prov=capress&type=lgns

Ur health org relate to Olympics? Tweey helpful studies. Athletes mental prep helps overcome the negative http://psicdesp.no.sapo.pt/par/6.pdf

Vday Active sex life leads 2 longer life, beter heart, healthier immune, less chronic pain sympt, less

depresion http://www.care2.com/greenliving/living-longer-in-love.html

Vday “Flowers have immediate & long-term effects on emotional reactions,mood,social behaviors&even memory” http://www.epjournal.net/filestore/ep03104132.pdf

V-day. Is your health org nutritionist, or cafeteria, offering health V-Day treats?

V-day Can your health org team up with local healthy restaurant / chocolatier for v-day discounts?

V-day- Dark chocolate, not white chocolate, is best to lower blood pressure and help insulin sensitivity http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/abstract/81/3/611

If a clinician suddenly cannot be in, maybe tweeting will get to their patients faster.
Push Info to the edges, not links: To lose 1 lb of fat you not have 3500 calories. Try -500 cals a day (http://bit.ly/d00tH)

Ur peeps tweet in a pic of their lunch & have a nutritionist guess/score. Here’s mine from Monday: http://lunchinabox.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1415#p7618

Stop, reach 4 the sky; down 4 the ground. Repeat 10 times while looking far away. This exercise provided by Ur local health org

Valentine Tweet idea..how about dedications? This healthy heart tip is going out to Leigh from Rob…http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/collections/healthy_valentines_day_recipes

Working on those healthcare related Valentine tweets? Medicinal use of chocolate, chemistry of love, heart health…

U support Ur clinicians to help local community, how about Ur project managers, marketing, facilities? Tweet to find need

Busy day in waiting room? Tweet coupons to the cafe/vending machine for guests.Tell e’m verbally too. Everyone knows you care

Got any healthy podcast to recommend to all those new mp3/smart phone users? Eating, Yoga, Exercise? Do one of your own?

How’s the New Year’s resolutions going? Urs & Peeps? Follow up = Follow Thru. Support and Advice (I fell off the diet wagon)

Tweet your health org’s green initiatives. Locals appreciate. Start by carbon offsetting your tweets. http://www.climatepath.org/aboutus/tweetneutral

220,000,000 iPod’s sold last year.Tweet healthy apps for them & other mobile users.More Apples next week? http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/09/liveblog-rock-and-roll-apple-ipod-event.ars

Can your health org help people in your community get in on a bulk purchase? What might your peeps want?

Snacks & drinks- Are they allowed in the waiting room? Patient’s bedside? What’s popular? What is available there?

Health orgs- What do patients really want their visitors to bring? Ask nurses, the gift shop, and patients.Any unusual gifts?

The Life Flight crew may offer an interesting perspective on local health living, Ask for stories & their view on things.

I bet your OBGYN’s have some ideas for good gifts for new moms. If not them, then the more recent new moms in your org.

Ask your health orgs occupational health folks about common complaints and how to avoid. Ask your followers 2.

Tweet tales from the office aquarium. Unusual fish,names,oldest,babies,maintenance? Tout the benefits 2 http://www.aquariumdesign.ca/html/benefits.htm

Does Linen have any expert sheet advice? Cleaning, thread count, storage, brands?
Tweet tales from the office aquarium.
Ask the folks that mind your health office’s indoor plants for tips for your followers. Low allergies, easy care, mold…

Your health org’s security dept has handy tips about staying safe. + Do they offer security escorts to and from parking?

Health Org hosts weight loss twitter “club”. Help with support, advice, and weekly gain/loss post. (Will try this myself)

Health orgs help w/ New Years Resolutions…what works for diet, smoking…top ones listed at USA.gov (http://bit.ly/r5sUZ)

Tweeter going on vacation? U could go automatic, but not topical & lacks interaction. So, I’ll be off and on for awhile

Health Org & Solstice? Reminder of cycles in life. Mark the day by noting shadow/sun position on grounds. Encourage tweeps 2.

Health orgs can address a variety of holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and others, thru promoting healthy menu & recipes

Health org’s company holiday party advice. How do you make your party fun & healthy? No booze? Veg platter?

Health org tweeps start prepping your Best Of stories. What great stuff happnd at Ur org this year?…celebrate the community

New bikes & riders, are in your communities future. Ask staff for tips, clubs, stores. Help develop a healthy lifetime skill.

Info from your staff on your feed is good. Info from your patients? Thought of the day from a pediatric or geriatric patient.

Health Orgs- Ask followers what wellness opportunities are lacking in their neighborhood. Include hash to stimulate discussion.

Promote/suggest cognitive exercise gifts. Also tweet puzzles,riddles&games. Play chess w/ ur followers. 1st reply=move. (1. e4)

‘Lack of physical activity top pub health prob of 21st century’ Have Ur folks suggest toys for movement. http://bit.ly/qCsXK

Tweet your local emergency warming shelter info and similar. Good for everyone to know and pass the word. Plug 4 donations 2

Tweet the season’s common complaints/issues & help. Hip Fractures, Anxiety, Cardiac. Ask Ur clinicians, they’ll know

HealthyHolidays: Have your health org’s PT’s, OT’s, etc… tweet suggestions on toys for kids & adults.

HealthyHolidays: ChristmasTrees,candles,&scents may trigger allergies in up to 20% or your holiday guests. http://bit.ly/4TPWkE

HealthyHolidays: Artificial trees & lead contamination issues, usually insignificant, but can be bad. http://bit.ly/7CRD4d

Tip151 was brought to you by the good folks at: http://bit.ly/70ii4n. Sorry I missed the citation yesterday #hcsm 7:57 AM Dec 2nd, 2009 via web

Tip151 HealthyHoliday- Dec high in homefires frm candles.210 US homefires an ave year frm Xmas trees.30% homefires start in kitchen

Healthy Holiday- For some, seasonal decorating has Mistletoe. Be sure no one can eat any part of the plant http://bit.ly/5EpF21

US ThanksgivingWeekTweet: Promote volunteers and donations to local free/low cost clinics. #’s served, Hours, and Location.

US ThanksgivingWeekTweets: Thank your health orgs’ volunteers, number of hours & the unusual (dogs, puppets, high schoolers.)

USThanksgivingWeekTweets: Choking 1st Aid\: Check, 5 back blows, 5 thrusts, 5 back blows. http://bit.ly/uib5z thx @mayoclinic

US Thanksgiving Week Tweets: Turkey light meat 140cals/cup. Dark meat 227/cup. http://bit.ly/6x8DwA

US health orgs’ do a Thanksgiving Week Special – Put the myth of Turkey & Tryptophan to rest: http://bit.ly/6U2dZG

Promote active living, cognitive&physical. Place a letterbox or geocache on Ur health org’s grounds- http://bit.ly/bplkK

Holidays & holiday guests. Remind healthcare followers to kid/adult proof their houses. EG: Sharp objects & trip hazards.

Interact with community: Like your staff for the Information booth, Lobby, Dial-0-for-Operator, Twitter staff are frontline helpers.

TopicalNewsTimeline. Ann Intern Med Mamm rec1st tweet 2 days ago (@PharmAid), publishd yesterday am, MSM pm. Ur orgs tweet?

Tip140 Health Care Uses For Twitter by @philbaumann http://bit.ly/jWL1 For anyone that hasn’t seen it!

Holiday driving season coming up, tweet some tips: EG blanket and emergency food in car. Sand for traction in snow. Others?

It’s stormy out. Tweet your local numbers to call when the power goes out. Other no-power tips via CDC: http://bit.ly/3L9ONQ

Healthorgs tweet local hazardous plants, animals, others w/ pic. Not just evil spiders, but bad roads, thin iced ponds…

Does your health org have a motor pool, or a designated service station? Ask them for car winterizing tips to tweet.

What’s the most dangerous intersections and roads in your healthcare area? Ask law enforcement / towing and pass it along

Have your healthcare pros tackle locally popular urban legends / rumors. Show off Ur mad science skillz.

Health Orgs. Should U have a separate feed for community emergency situations? Share a hashtag with other local orgs.

Allergy Prevention Tips. Ask your enviro serv folks for tips concerning mold and mildew.

US health orgs plan seriesThanksgiving tweets now. Diet considerations, tryptophan myth, local events, common ED calls…

Have your health org open special feed for H1N1 vaccine. Allows for immediate messaging, interaction on subj, and calms fear.

Halloween candy moderation tips-Cash for candy, eat all you want that night only, parcel it out, balance it w/ veggies

Any health pros have tricks (or treats) for Halloween? (US custom) Late night skinned knees, tummy aches, or worse?

Remind folks that Daylight Saving ends Sunday, Nov 1, at 2am.Fall back to 1am.Any issues w/ time based health regimes or tech?

Feature a donor on a tweet. Esp why. Donors of time, money, or themselves, all have stories.

Does your health org add value by proactively giving patients their electronic records? Be sure to tweet what and how.

Do UR health org’s specialists have a fav food, one that directly applies to their area of concern? Cardio/Geriatrics/Dentist…

Tweet ways to help patients once home:Bring in a meal (one hot, one frozen), Offer rides,Share an errand.Get Well Soon cards.

Health pros advice on organizing paper work at home. Chronological Vs Issues? For how long? Org’s policy on med records? PHR?

H1N1 to vaccine or not to vaccine- A teaching moment about evidence based and meaningful use.

Tweet local flu shot availability.Should you tweet other health org’s?I think yes. Shows its importance & your focus of concern

Tweet up those websites that your clinicians recommend. Ask for suggestion from followers…& follow up w/ critique.

Ski/Snow Board Season has already started! Have your health pros advise on conditioning techniques. Ask ur followers.

It’s getting darker earlier.Sun sets @ 6:30 today. Address trip hazards, check flashlight by bed.Your health Org has more tips?

If your health org has artwork,let folks know. Artist statements,area’s themes, pieces of note,benefactors,walking tour.

Time to clean your home heater filters! Tweet&Tips frm ur health org’s Enviro Services and Respiratory Therapists.

CDC has some great ‘toys’ for #HCSM (http://bit.ly/b8jTp) Things for any follower and good ideas for those in the biz.

Tweet up those websites that your clinicians recommend. Ask for suggestion from followers…& follow up w/ critique.

Field Guide to Hospital Flora and Fauna: Docs & white coats, Volunteers & red vests, Phlebotomists & kits…help dispel mystery

Ski/Snow Board Season has already started! Have your health pros advise on conditioning techniques. Ask ur followers.

It’s getting darker earlier.Sun sets @ 6:30 today. Address trip hazards, check flashlight by bed.Your health Org has more tips?

If your health org has artwork,let folks know. Artist statements,area’s themes, pieces of note,benefactors,walking tour.

Time to clean your home heater filters! Tweet&Tips frm ur health org’s Enviro Services and Respiratory Therapists.

CDC has some great ‘toys’ for #HCSM (http://bit.ly/b8jTp) Things for any follower and good ideas for those in the biz.

Rain season is coming, ask ur local followers, orgs, & friends for healthy activities.(How far is one lap at the mall?)

Tweet important healthcare phone #’s: 911/112 (or similar), poison control, crisis hotline, local numbers(power&phone?)

Waiting Room Tips for your Health org: WiFi? Food OK? Cell Phone? Blanket/Pillow? Smoking area? Help visitors prepare.

Emergency Preparedness Treasure Hunt: Flashlight, radio, blankets, 3 days worth of food&water…ready, set, go!

Publish tips for seniors, their kids and friends. Get info frm your geriatric clinicians/nurses, as well as local sr. centers.

Provide a caregiver’s feed. Utilize your social workers, clinicians, nursing pros. Add hashtag to provide a hook for community.

Fall activities: Lawn raking ~280 cals/hr, Heavy cleaning ~300, Gardening ~350.* Start slow and work up to it. *bit.ly/18zjLb

Deer/Elk hunting season bring visits to your health org? Check local dates and provide tips/caution (for hikers too!)

Thought of the Day from the Carido,ICU,Mental Health,or other departments. They have contributions both pragmatic and poetic.

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