Online Patient / Provider Messaging Systems

Enhancing Asynchronous Internet Communication with Information Technology

I researched this topic for a Consumer Health Information class at OHSU. I think the paper turned out well and could use a wider audience. I tried to come from my experience of using various tools to manage customer service email.

From the Abstract:

Online patient / provider communication has a number of barriers, but also a wealth of opportunities. After a brief background, the majority of the paper concerns three important information technology tools that enhance Internet asynchronous communication between patient and provider: Content Management- the use of predetermined content. Message Flow Management- the use of message routing systems. Quality Management- the use of quality matrices and reports.

Download: patientprovidermessaging.pdf

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  1. John says:

    Nice note by Jaan Sidorov over at Disease Management Care Blog. Seems like this sort of thing is a bit ahead of its time.

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