Opportunities for Transformative Tech

IT tools are often introduced into an organization with little to no use by its members. I’ve been doing research as to why and recently read Connie Gersick’s work on the idea of change manifested through Punctuated Equilibrium Paradigm*. I think this paradigm can help one identify opportunities for transformational tech to be accepted.

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On “The 2011 State of Community Management Report”

If you took a room full of online community management experts and had them write down their most valuable tips on 3×5 cards you could get something like “The 2011 State of Community Management Report“. Each finely tuned sentence only hints at much bigger concepts and issues at hand.  Indeed,  the authors know 95 pages is not enough and thankfully include forty or so links to additional references.

That said, this is a great way for someone starting out to get a sense of what community managers are currently concerned with.  Those already in the field will recognize many of the recommendations, but may pick up a few tips. I think it makes a great checklist for anyone that has a community and wants to make it better.

Some things that struck me:

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SharePoint’s Conceptual Leap

Static Vs SharePoint cartoonThe processes surrounding a database driven website like SharePoint can so different than those of a static site, that if you don’t understand it and fail to make the leap, you will be missing out on a lot of ROI.

Static web sites operate on a similar process as files on file shares that most of us are very used to.  We go to a folder, pull out the file we want to see/edit and go from there.

Dynamic web sites, such as SharePoint, operate in a different way. By taking advantage of the difference,  you can truly utilize the power that is a database driven web site.

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For Hire

I am currently looking for my next project or full time employment.

Here’s the list from my ‘elevator’ speech about me!

  1. Lifelong interest in the flow of information in its various forms.
  2. Enjoys exploring technology where “the rubber meets the road” -helping others live, work, and play.
  3. Technical/Managerial experience in Collaboration software, Customer Service Management.
  4. Certificate in Medical Informatics, Certificate Medical Terminology and Bodily Systems, MFA Studio Ceramics, BA Philosophy.
  5. A happy dad with a wonderful family.

Tailored resumes:

Collaboration Specialist – One Page.

Medical Informatics / Collaboration – Two Page.

Business Analyst / Application Program Manager – Two Page.

Contact: john@john-norris.net

Feed for my For Hire content only.

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365+ Tweets for Healthcare Orgs

Since May of 2009, I have been posting almost daily tweets on how healthcare orgs might use social  media.  @John_Norris with the tag #hcsm

I finished up the first 100 tips  in late September 2009.

I did the second 100 tips in late February of 2010.

The third set of 100 tips were completed by August.

The example I use is Twitter, but any microblogging and socially connected platform would do.  I put together some of my thoughts in a presentation, “Hyper-Local Social Media and Healthcare” or better known as “@mayoclinic has good info, why should I listen to you?

The final 65 are below, some are seasonal, some are local, so your mileage may vary!

Help students with health homework? OK, but no test answers.

Tips to make sure Santa’s Workshop is safe? Ask your ER & facilities folks about safety measures around the workbench.

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