New life for Virtual World Support Groups?

Login2Life is a theatrical documentary about the real and in-world lives of several people. The teaser trailer includes scenes with Alice Krueger, a tireless proponent for virtual world’s being able to help people with real life health issues.

(Spoiler: 1st 2 seconds or so might not be safe for work)

As folks know, I do research and volunteer in this area. I hope the movie will draw people’s attention to the healthy opportunities these worlds offer, and, frankly, make the whole idea seem a little less weird to folks.

(I have not seen the movie myself, but have heard from someone who knows online healthcare and has seen it, that it is good.)

This Monday, the 12th, there will be press conference about the movie that one can attend in-world. It begins at 9 am SLT at the Sojourner Auditorium in Second Life.

Login2Life website.

SLHealthy is the website for those who are interested in more information on support groups in Second Life.


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Virtual World Design and Healthcare – Beyond walking a web page

Closeup of entry to Path of SupportThere are hundreds of healthcare support groups in the virtual world of Second Life, but how does one educate a visitor about them?

HealthInfo Island started out with a simple list of support groups, then created a path with posters. It was at this point that the Path was handed to me.

I took my inspiration not from medical literature, but from Disney. Organization was less about taxonomies, than Japanese gardens. The material was not didactic but traced the arch of a story of empowerment.

The Path grew out of my sketches and thoughts. I hope it helps others:


The Path was eventually created and lasted for over a year before an island wide redesign.  Screen shots and an older article.

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2 Tweets: “We’re #3!” or “We like peas, fresh now!”

Is a health org’s social media a Marketing or Public Health initiative? I know I’ve seem a lot more of the former than the later.

Perhaps this is a false dichotomy, you say, and indeed it may be. However, from what budget does your social media fall under? Where on the org chart does the staff sit? What metrics are reported for ROI? Might these fundamentals skew one’s efforts one way or another?

To go a step further, the more direct promotion, such as “we have the shortest waits in ER” are not even oriented at establishing a connection with the community. To the contrary, most everyone has an opinion about peas, or at least has another vegetable they could chime in with. What could have been the more direct promotion “Eat Ur vegetables”, is turned into an invitation to play and engage.

My guess is that one’s local community may appreciate more the chance for added value in their daily lives and the opportunity to engage and see others engage. That is in a round-and-about way, promotion.

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Folders Vs Metadata – Document organization

Folders and Metadata

Moving from the familiar desktop metaphor, with it’s storing files in folders, to metadata can be difficult, if not traumatizing for those used to the more spacial way of putting things in context.  To help introduce and explain, I came up with this cartoon (feel free to use).

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Technology Adoption and Crossing the Chasm

Carrick-a-rede rope bridgeProjects fail, promising technologies are put in place but never adopted, IT rolls out another application that only a few business people use.  Where’s the disconnect? How might things be improved upon?  Here’s 10 well considered ideas from an expert.

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