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Just finished up How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie as it is recommended for Community Managers by Richard Millington. Nicely brought into the open and formalized much of what I have intuitively felt.  Also admired the … Continue reading

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Online Sharing In Order to Form Relationships

Lynne Kelly, et al,  recently tackled the question whether online sharing is being more about openness or narcissism. Key takeaways for me: Persons with an unrealistically large number of friends may be using the platform for reasons of narcissism. (It … Continue reading

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The IT Battle, a Change in Perspective

Don’t start by asking if it’s right or wrong, but will it make any difference.  There is a battle in IT administration/management when introducing new technology.  On the one side are staff creative types who want to explore new realms, … Continue reading

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Last week was pretty exciting… Richard Millington offered a master class in community engagement. I really like his data driven, social science focused approach so it was super to spend the time immersed in it. Lots of practical advice, and … Continue reading

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10 Thoughts on Moving a Community to a New Platform

This subject came up recently,  so I started to do a bit of research.  Here are some interesting things I learned plus some of my own guesswork. (In no particular order) 1. High costs of moving,  such as exporting content … Continue reading

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