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Election Year, Online Communities, And Keeping the Peace

With 10% of adults and 30% of those under 30 using social networks to discuss politics in the last US presidential election (1), it shouldn’t be any wonder that these topics may appear in an online community this year.  Should … Continue reading

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Online Support Group Membership, Opportunity?

In a 2011 study* it was found few patients end up participating in organized support groups. ~10% go to face-to-face groups and 4% go online. However, more than 50% of patients do contact a peer they know.  They have a … Continue reading

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6 Types of Community Members

Being able to classify your members into different types is a handy way to make sure each is getting what they need. It may also help one see what sort of mix is best for their community. (Note:  Most taxonomies … Continue reading

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The Great Good Place. Just started this book by Ray Oldenburg. Looking forward to leveraging real life places with what can be done in online communities.

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Opinion leaders, Group Identity, or Shared Values – What Drives Participation?

At first glance having strong community leaders might seem like a good way to get people to participate.  However, T Zhou finds* that far stronger determinates are  when an individual feels they belong to a group and that it shares … Continue reading

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