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Information based art.

Crayon Tools

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing lately, and we have this big box of crayons,  so I got to thinking about crayons for adults.  What might that look like? What if they were less ‘corporate’? Luckily, we had a … Continue reading

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Sunflower Solar Cookie Oven

Just in time for the hot days in August, I finished up two solar ovens.  The fun oven is in the shape of a flower and will bake a single cookie…

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Summer Reading… Signs for the trail

Spending some time in the great outdoors and going to hit the trail?  You will want to be familiar with trail signs that can communicate to others along the way. I put together this Trail Signs booklet for some scouts … Continue reading

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Animation on the side of a pot?

The goblet excavated at the Burnt City site in Iran has 5 images which when looked at consecutively forms an animation. This animation has been making its rounds. By placing the images in on a bowl, it could be a … Continue reading

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More Fun with Pottery and Info.

A plate with a smiley face in relief…perfect for playing with your food. And an “On/Off” mug that changes meaning with the temperature. THX BoingBoing

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