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Information based art.

Utility Necklace

Poems, sculpture, astronomy, perfume, display, containers…how many things can be put on a necklace?

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Mission Statement

Tactical Sidewalk Chalk Holder. Packs 260g of chalk in a 25cm tactical holder. Includes twist lock, grip tape, belt clip and lanyard. Plane Truth Industries.

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A Pedestal Display For Tiny Things

As early readers of my blog know, I really enjoy playing with how various frames change our perceptions of objects.  Just placing something on a pedestal makes itseem special.  With this one, I wanted to have a more fantasy/faerie feel … Continue reading

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Crayon Tools

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing lately, and we have this big box of crayons,  so I got to thinking about crayons for adults.  What might that look like? What if they were less ‘corporate’? Luckily, we had a … Continue reading

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Sunflower Solar Cookie Oven

Just in time for the hot days in August, I finished up two solar ovens.  The fun oven is in the shape of a flower and will bake a single cookie…

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