Online Sharing In Order to Form Relationships

Lynne Kelly, et al,  recently tackled the question whether online sharing is being more about openness or narcissism.

Key takeaways for me:

Persons with an unrealistically large number of friends may be using the platform for reasons of narcissism. (It is a key tell that they maybe more of a drain on the community than an asset.) 1, 2

Those who accept strangers as friends may exhibit more detrimental tendencies such as seeking social support but not giving it, manipulation, and self aggrandizement. 2

Those who share may not be bragging but looking for bonding. (Knowing this may change one’s perspective about certain members of the community, until one has a chance to verify.) 1

1. While “Narcissism or Openness?: College Students’ Use of Facebook and Twitter” is behind a paywall, Lynne Kelly gives some details to the New York Times.

2. “Narcissism on Facebook: Self-promotional and Anti-social Behavior” by Christopher Carpenter has a nice write up and links.



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