IT offerings in a familiar format … The Restaurant Menu

SharePoint Menu

Interior page of a SharePoint Menu

When internal IT offers up new technologies to its business partners it needs to do so in a way that is quickly grasped and immediately useful.  Business is often too busy doing, well, business, to take extra time.

Having a catalog of IT services is one step, but what if we go further and have a menu of services?

External Internal PNG’s to be printed on one sheet.

To see what that might be like, I mocked up a potential SharePoint services offering in the form of a brochure.  Borrowing heavily from restaurant menu design, I think I came up with something that can quickly be understood because of that familiarity.

Not only does it address the technical offerings, but it tries to encompass a complete solution, including training, further enhancements, and possible use cases.

I envision this as being used not so much as a stand alone product, but something that would be handed out after an introductory presentation (formal or informal).  It could be taken by a business representative as a reminder of what is possible, while they contemplate what they would like to do.

MS Publisher version of this brochure available upon request.

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