Healthcare Community Management Related Research

I’m passionate about the use of online communities, with people helping each other in the area of healthcare.  Below is a  list of some of the research I have done, and put up on the web, concerning healthcare community management:

365 Tweets for Healthcare Orgs

365 microblogging suggestions  for local healthcare organizations. Plus my slideshare on the same topic, “@mayoclinic has good info, why should I listen to you?”

“The Growth and Direction of Healthcare Support Groups in Virtual Worlds” Vol 2, No 2: 3D Virtual Worlds for Health and Healthcare

Peer reviewed paper comparing healthcare support groups in Second Life, Twinity, Kaneva, and There.

Introduction to virtual world group tools for online healthcare support groups.

For those who already run online support, but are interested in the opportunities/difficulties virtual worlds hold.  Not an introduction to virtual worlds, but the tools and issues surrounding groups.  Second Life is used as an example.

Statistics for Second Life Healthcare Support Groups.

A snapshot of 150 groups in Second Life.  Looking at types of issues, membership numbers, and analysis.  Comparison to real life support group communities.

Statistics for IMVU Healthcare Support Groups.

A snapshop of over 100 groups in the virtual world of IMVU.  Similar data and analysis as the Second Life paper. Additional data and analysis surrounding the creation rates of groups.

Systems that identify ‘experts’ in online communities.

Overview of many healthcare related communities and the systems for identifying ‘experts’ on their sites.

Asynchronous communication system for patients and  providers.

Proposed systems to assist patients and providers communicate with each other online, asynchronously.

Complex Adaptive Systems- an online reading list.

Complex Adaptive Systems are those in which multiple agents act, learn, and change.  (Much like an online community.)  They are hard to predict and require a particular approach in order to ‘manage’ them.

Organizational Cultures- I.T. Vs Clinical.

By looking at the differences between Information Technology and Clinical culture, and how they collide, one can better understand how to have them work toward a common goal.

Providers and PHRs.

How might providers deal with patient created information?  What is the value and power in a PHR?  I take a look at Dossia as an example.

Use of privacy and ethics statements in virtual land.

The use of privacy and ethics statements on webpages is well known.  Should this carried over to virtual world land?

Virtual World Design and Healthcare – Beyond walking a web page

Thoughts on creating a virtual world portal to self-help groups.  It’s not a list but more like a Disney ride.

More details on my professional background.

More posts on Collaboration and Community.

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Interested in how information intersects daily life, technology, and art. Collaboration specialist, working in social and collaborative media. Biomedical Informaticist, focusing on patient/patient, patient/provider communication.
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