Utility Necklace

Utility Necklace: Closeup of Alter

Poems, sculpture, astronomy, perfume, display, containers…how many things can be put on a necklace?

I’ve been working up all manner of beads and strung them together to make a utilitarian necklace, of sorts. Used all sorts of simple materials such as hemp twine, wood-fired low temp clay, twigs, pebbles, and a bit of paper.

Utility Necklace PaperWork

While I’ll be the first to admit there is a bit much going on with this necklace, to the detriment of the usual rhythms of a good looking piece, it is a nice demonstration.

Sit down, take off your necklace, set a pebble upon the alter, a wild flower in the vase, and read a favorite passage.

It’s all there in front of you-
Utility Necklace

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