A Pedestal Display For Tiny Things

Domed Display

As early readers of my blog know, I really enjoy playing with how various frames change our perceptions of objects.  Just placing something on a pedestal makes itseem special.  With this one, I wanted to have a more fantasy/faerie feel to it, so worked with rounder, softer shapes.  I drooped and bent some of the major elements as well.  Instead of the warring states  Chinese feeling some of my other pieces have, this one walks a different line. More cake decoration than bronze.

I finished it up by sewing a small, velvet pillow and glued on an acrylic dome from a gumball machine prize. I stepped outside my typical hand worked ‘elemental style’ to match my idea, and ended up liking the actual piece.  A main reason why I enjoy making things is the surprises that come as the idea becomes real.

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Interested in how information intersects daily life, technology, and art. Collaboration specialist, working in social and collaborative media. Biomedical Informaticist, focusing on patient/patient, patient/provider communication.
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