Crayon Tools

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing lately, and we have this big box of crayons,  so I got to thinking about crayons for adults.  What might that look like? What if they were less ‘corporate’?
Adult Crayon Tool

Luckily, we had a whole lot of broken crayon bits, so I soldered up a couple of metal molds, got some advice from a couple of DIY websites, stunk up the kitchen and almost ruined a perfectly good cookie sheet.  Still, lots of fun for the whole family!

I took inspiration from various stone and ‘primitive’ tool shapes, along with simple surface decoration. My biggest improvement, besides being able to do rainbows in alternative scales, is adding a hole, because…

… all crayons should be able to be worn.

Adult Crayon Tools

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2 Responses to Crayon Tools

  1. John, Love this concept. There ARE Adult crayons at the arts supply stores and I drool everytime I see them. They are only about 20 times more expensive than the kid version…Ho-ho.

  2. John says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. I suspected as much, but I’ll need to take a look. I also like those jumbo crayons they for folks doing construction.

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