Summer Reading… Signs for the trail

Ink drawn Cover of Trail Sign brochureSpending some time in the great outdoors and going to hit the trail?  You will want to be familiar with trail signs that can communicate to others along the way.

I put together this Trail Signs booklet for some scouts and thought I’d share it here.

Included are some great activities for those down times.

Simply print and follow the directions to make yourself a handy little book.

But wait…there’s more…

Some folks (OK kids) need a bit more to do when they are outdoors, so I tried to pack in a few extras:

Along the inner folds you will find  messages written in Morse code.

Along the inner folds you will find the alphabet in Morse code.

Throughout the book are hidden faces to find.

Page 1 has signs for turning left or right.  Besides pointing the opposite direction, can you spot the difference between each pair?

So get out and have fun!

Please consider it released under a creative commons attribution share-alike license.  (It is partially based on an older, hand-drawn booklet whose author’s name  has presumably been left behind many miles (and mimeographs ago, but I’d be happy to give credit to.)

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