Healthcare Support Groups in Different Worlds

Do the types of healthcare support groups differ in the worlds of Second Life, Kaneva, There and IMVU?  In what worlds are there more groups concerning mental health than disabilities. In what worlds is the opposite true?  How does this compare with types of groups in the real world?  And why might there be differences?

In my paper “Health Support Groups Compared in Virtual and Non-Virtual Worlds“, I have categorize groups according to abuse, addictions, bereavement, disability, family, health, mental health, and miscellaneous.  I compared the percentage of the number of groups and individual memberships in a world with that of other worlds.

I found that while most worlds had similar percentages of groups and memberships, there were also some differences.

This report is an addition to my similar studies:

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  1. Richard says:

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. DrBob String says:

    Many thanks for all of this info John.
    Some light reading ahead 🙂

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