Hyper-local Tweets for Healthcare Orgs

I put together some ideas for healthcare orgs to add value to their local communities.

Basically, it’s getting past the PR broadcast stage of tweeting and onto chatting with the folks in the neighborhood.

Twitter just happens to be the tool for the example. This can be carried out in a variety of ways.

I’m especially interested in what works with mobile technologies (cell/smart phones) as well as web.  With a simple web page, those that do not want to be seen as following a particular medical issue can still access the information.


Lee Aase, who works on the @mayoclinic Twitter account, posted a very thoughtful response to this slideshow.  I think we all agree that local and internationally renowned expertise can complement each other.  …and he is a good sport about the whole thing.

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Interested in how information intersects daily life, technology, and art. Collaboration specialist, working in social and collaborative media. Biomedical Informaticist, focusing on patient/patient, patient/provider communication.
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  1. Oscar says:

    Great presentation! I passed it on to my FaceBook friends. Good stuff!

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