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As a response to another post over at HIStalk that basically wondered if Healthcare 2.0 and social networking software will help healthcare in the future. I sent in a comment and was published:

From John: “Re: Web 2.0. Web 2.0 and social networking are already playing a role in healthcare. People are helping each other out, providing information and support. It’s happening right now, go and see for oneself. For example, a few quick searches in Facebook finds the group ‘Support the fight against cancer with just a click’ has 1,400,000 members, Autism Awareness has 60,000 members, and ‘Find a Cure For Juvenile Diabetes’ has 27,000 members. Now if by ‘healthcare’ one means ‘the sustainable business model one can come up with to monetize healthcare communities of interests,’ that poses a different question. However, the answer might stem from the large number of folks currently participating in the former notion of ‘healthcare.’” Brilliant and well said. Maybe healthcare as a business has made all of us too cynical about any manifestations of it that don’t come with a big-name CEO or a liquidity event.

I’d link directly to the comment, but am not sure how to do that on the HISTalk site.

No, really, it’s me.

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