I’ve finished up my course work at Oregon Health and Sciences University and now am an official Biomedical Informaticist!OHSU Cert. Biomedical Informatics John Norris

It is quite a program.  While I had researched BMI by myself for about a year prior to applying to OHSU, the quantity and quality of content in the courses was almost overwhelming.  I would highly recommend OHSU’s program to those who want to get up to speed fast, or go in-depth.

Some of the best parts, and a bit of a surprise to me, are my fellow students.  There are a lot of clinicians, many of them MDs, even some CMIO’s.   These folks had already been dealing with BMI issues at work, and were a fountain of real world examples and questions.

The certificate was all graduate level courses, and I can apply them to a Masters as well as a Doctorate.  It would be great to continue, but I’m would really like to use my experience and start helping folks out directly.

About John

Interested in how information intersects daily life, technology, and art. Collaboration specialist, working in social and collaborative media. Biomedical Informaticist, focusing on patient/patient, patient/provider communication.
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  1. Ebenezer says:

    I think Indiana U. in Bloomington recently opened a big bioinformatics center. I went to IU for 2 years; it’s a great school.

    I am interested in the subject and hope to learn more soon.

  2. John says:

    Best of luck! (Know 2 folks that went to Indiana (Library Sci and Business.)

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