Is that a sliderule in your pocket?…Yes!

Print out this file and with a little paper craft you can havecircular sliderule a circular slide rule addition
to your hipster.

(Use clear plastic for the cursor.)

Many thanks to Charles Kankelborg.

Circular Slide Rule PDF

Circular Slide Rule Scribus source

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4 Responses to Is that a sliderule in your pocket?…Yes!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    What do you propose we do with this slide rule?

    I’m still lamenting the nice aluminum rule that was swiped from me in my senior year of high school. If the person who swiped it still has it, I’d love to have it back, with or without the leather carrying case.

  2. John says:

    Well I’ve carried in my back pocket for quite some time. It’s more for fun…although I can usually remember how to do some simple things with it.

    Best of luck recovering your old slide rule.

  3. Jesper Eklund says:

    Great slide-rule! My old small (=portable) rule has gone missing, but this is an even better format since the other one was linear (although I suspect this wont be as exact… I’ll live whith that – if I need exact answers I don’t ask my slide-rule at any rate 😉 ). I wonder though – I downloaded the scribus-file, but I didn’t seem to get any background pictures with it. Am I doing anything wrong, or are they not included? The pdf seems to be working fine, but they are a bit coarse and difficult to make out the numbers. Are there other source-files? Perhaps in SVG or any equivalent?

  4. John says:

    Yikes, you are right. The Scribus file doesn’t have the graphic. If memory serves, I just took a screen grab from Charles Kankelborg’s pdf. (I did get his permission in email.) That’s probably why they look so rough.

    An SVG would really be slick. You might get some leverage from Dr Knotter’s- Let me know what you come up with and if I can catch some time, I’ll see about updating this one. Course, if I have time I really want to do my zoetrope idea…

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