Something is happening … Mr. Jones

So I get this month’s issue of American Craft, just about tear off their new half page cover and remember that I need to keep it on as it is part of their new makeover.  I’m thinking “Ho Hum …lipstick on a pig”.  (OK, that was a bit harsh.)

But I find myself surprised.   I find myself wondering if someone at the American Craft Council gets it.  I find myself staring at a book review about knitting.

Why is that important?

There has been a new, alternative, craft movement in the US, at least, for a number of years, that has captured the imagination of a whole new generation of young (and old) minds.  Knitting (note: not “fiber arts”) has been one of its vanguards.

I’ve been wondering about this for over 2 years. And some folks have been banging the drum longer and louder than I.

I think we are seeing the entry of this new, alternative, craft into the mainstream craft world.  Should be interesting.

Thx Bob 

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2 Responses to Something is happening … Mr. Jones

  1. jonsanford says:

    what what??
    Your Aunt Gertrude AKA Butch
    made so many sweaters I still wear some.

  2. John says:

    I got one of hers from my dad and wear it too!

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