A Case for a Simulated Hospital

As readers of my blog may know. I travel around Second Life looking at healthcare related sites… I also sometimes wonder what good they might do.

Now I find the Methodist University Hospital has a Virtual Welcome Center that includes maps and videos to familiarize folks with their facilities prior to them visiting. Despite the large-ish learning curve for Second Life, this is the sort of thing it is well suited for.

For example, The Ann Myers Medical Center: Second Health London

While not based on an actual hospital, as far as I know, it could introduce people in a number of ways to what goes on within one. If it simulated an actual hospital, it could help inform patients further.

Another hospital is Second Health London:

Second Health London It is an actual, proposed, multi-care facility. It includes a number of different departments and as videos explaining what they do. It is a great way to get a feel for the place.

Or even the Danvers State Hospital role playing sim:
Danvers State Hospital

It is said to be based on the actual Danvers State Hospital (although I’m not sure how closely,) it is place for people who like to pretend to be in a hospital, and not in an healthcare educational sort of way…if you catch my drift.

There are smaller clinics and such also in Second Life, that may help people understand what they might experience before they go. These places could also be used as an inexpensive way to create educational videos for those unable to get into Second Life.

Hat tip to The Healthcare IT Blog.

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