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Perplexity Peccable sent word that a group of folks are putting together SLHealthy. It already has a good collection of resources, and could be a great resource for folks. If not, you might ask her if you can contribute!


Looks like they have a good set of folks contributing. This sort of thing really does require a group effort. It seemed to me that many people in the health related sims in SL really didn’t know much about each other. There were a few lists of places to visit, and an email list, but no central place has it all. (Probably because it is not a requirement to register what you are doing…thank goodness!) However, one has to pretty much explore around to see what is up. The more folks doing that, the better!

For SLHealthy, not only are there a ton of sites being added, but an events area to keep track of what is going on.

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