Dossia and Providers – PHRs

Dossia is a group of employers putting together a Personal Health Record system. It is an attempt to get a better return on their investment as well as fixing the system by preempting providers. With highly quotable members, an agressive agenda, a court case and recriminations, it is also an interesting situation to watch unfold.

In early September I wrote a paper for my OHSU Informatics class, The Business of Healthcare Informatics (John Kenagy.) The paper briefly looks at Dossia history, then explores how providers may approach such PHRs: Dossia and Doctors- An Employer Driven, Personal Health Record and The Provider. (pdf)

Dana Blankenhorn over at ZDNet Healthcare writes up the Dossia situation as a discussion topic. So I just had to wade in…as well as mention my paper.

Dana also notes that now AT&T has jumped in as a member of the group.

When I wrote up my paper, things were looking bad for Omnimedix, and according to Dana, it seems that Indivo is the new developeer.

Dossia is moving forward, so stay tuned!

-Any comments about Dana’s topic should be over at his blog.  I don’t want to take over his discussion!

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